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About us

Khoi Chi Hung Production Trading Co., Ltd

Khoi Chi Hung Production Trading Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of industrial sewing thread. Officially put into operation in 2010, under the process of formation and development, Khoi Chi Hung fiber industry has continuously expanded its production scale and increased investment in innovating the most modern production lines.

At present, Khoi Chi Hung yarn industry has provided a wide range of diverse yarns, including main product lines such as:

SPUN-T Staple Spun Polyester (SSP)

TEXTURE Texturised Polyester (TXP)

CORE-P Poly/Poly Corespun (PPC)

COFIL Continuous Filament Polyester (CFP)

Located in Tan Dong Hiep A Industrial Park (also called Da-Park Industrial Park) in the industrial zones of Binh Duong. Khoi Chi Hung Company has successfully assembled the leading experts in the textile industry, along with a team of experienced engineers, to bring high quality products, fast delivery schedule, ensure Reasonable price to meet different requirements and needs of customers.

The difference makes the brand:

With all machines and equipment invested with modern technology, strict quality control from production to packaging process.

Absolutely safe for users, especially for children (Certificate of Type 1). The product has no original AZO dye, allergens and skin cancer.

Ensure the development of samples only dyed on demand. Fast, timely and fast delivery. And in particular, reasonable competitive prices.

Professional and experienced staff Commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable development.

Up to now, Khoi Chi Hung fiber products have gradually affirmed the quality reputation in the domestic market and exported. We are committed to providing a variety of products and models with the best after-sales services to optimize the benefits brought to our customers.

With the criterion "PRESTIGE - QUALITY - CONFIRMATION OF BRAND", we hope to be the perfect partner, the best choice of customers.



Manufactory at

Street No. 2, DAPARK Industrial Park (Tan Dong Hiep A), Di An Binh Duong Province.

Phone order: (0274) 377 6150

Fax: (0274) 377 6151

The main commercial aspect:

Manufacture and trade all kinds of Sewing Thread for Industrial Apparel.